Breathe into Healing
Integrative Breathwork and Soul Based Psychology with
Deborah Jacobson

Integrative Breathwork and Soul Based Psychology

Integrative Breathwork

Integrative Breathwork is a technique that has been used in many primitive cultures for spiritual awakening and emotional healing and is treated as a normal and necessary feature of human existence.

We, in our western culture, spend our life in three states of, what we call "normal" states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, and deep sleep but our culture has virtually excluded the fourth state of consciousness. This fourth state provides us with a much expanded view of our human experience through a transcendental meditative state.

Through deep connective breath and the use of evocative cultural music the psyche opens us to the multiple levels of non-ordinary states of consciousness that lie dormant within. The music evokes feelings and memories that resonate at the same vibration level as the body's cellular memory. Although this transcendental experience may bring up anger, fear, or pain from the past, once felt and experienced we now see from a higher perspective so that we can understand the bigger picture in our daily challenges of life.

Scientific research has shown that these states of consciousness have a profound therapeutic affect and not only carry the memories of our biological past, but can transcend time and space connecting us to the divine mystery, the mystical parts of self that hold much inner wisdom and enlightenment.

Soul Based Psychology

Soul Based Psychology is an evolutionary approach to psychology that honors both the Ego and the Soul... it is a path of Self Awareness.

The Ego is the executor of the personality's personal desires for physical, emotional, and mental security.

The Soul is that inner source who energizes us with meaning and purpose and is the essence of who we truly are.

Soul Based Psychology is an intrinsic process, which means that it comes from within; there is no outer expert on our internal process. We learn to listen to the inner voice of the Soul that truly knows all. And, although many of us are on a spiritual path, sometimes we are still bound by the fear of the unknown, clinging to the familiar, the so-called acceptable codes of behavior and modes of belief, although these may be blocks to our growth.

Soul Based Psychology helps to bridge the gap between the fear of the unknown, which is the Ego's function, and our own SELF/SOUL consciousness. We become more of who we are when stepping onto the path of self awareness and blending these two energetic states.

Breathwork Workshop Details

After settling in, meeting other participants, and going through a meditation to relax our body, emotions, and mind we begin by sharing the details of the breathwork process.

We first explain the different states of consciousness, how and where blocked energy may be released, and will teach the Psycho-Spiritual model of the blending of the Ego and the Soul.

When we begin the actual breathwork process, we lie down on mats or sleeping bags in order to be comfortable. We then go through a body scan to relax the body, gently allowing the Ego to recess into the background so that our Soul or Higher Self may take a more dominant role. This helps to prepare ourselves for the musical journey.

There are two hours of cultural music that take us inward resonating with whatever healing or knowledge that needs to be brought to consciousness. We do this in pairs, so there is always someone there to take care of your every need and hold your space as sacred. This is a very special bonding experience.

After the first set of music we have a break and then partners change positions, one lies down to breathe and the first breather becomes the "sitter" or keeper of the space. The wonderful part of this type of breathwork is that you are always in control and have the ability to stop the process at anytime.

After each set of music, the "breather" will use the curative arts to draw a mandala, which means "inner circle". This is a way of expressing the experience you had during your breathwork. This is not about the artwork, but about the expression. There is much to be extracted from this art work pertaining to your healing.

After both sessions of music we have dinner and then we start group process. We each have the opportunity to share what our breathwork experience captured. Since this is called Integrative Breathwork our intention is that you integrate your experience into your daily life.

You will continue to have insights long after the actual breathwork workshop.

This is set in a loving and safe atmosphere where insights from the entire group benefit us in ways that we cannot imagine. Sometimes people feel uncomfortable sharing in a group, which is honored, but we encourage engaging in the group process as the group becomes our mirror. We may not be able to see ourselves as clearly as we can in another. It is a very powerful experience, knowing that we are not alone.

Everyone's process is honored without judgment and is completely confidential.

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