Breathe into Healing
Integrative Breathwork and Soul Based Psychology with
Deborah Jacobson

Debbie Jacobson, LMT is certified in Soul Based Psychology and Integrative Breathwork, and trained in the Sacred Art of the Western Mystery School Tradition through Eupsychia, Institute in Austin, Texas. Jacquelyn Small, the founder of Eupsychia, is a pioneer in the field of psychology and has written nine books on personal transformation and addiction, including Transformers and Awakening in Time.

Eupsychia's certification program is a process that utilizes both psychological and spiritual principles and methods for healing the whole psyche. The deep inner work involved is taught experientially amidst a caring community which creates a sacred space for accessing both our egos and our soul This psycho-spiritual synthesis tracks with the basic tenets of Jungian and spiritual psychologies. In retreat settings trainees are guided through their own healing process, while being trained as a guide to others in non-ordinary states of consciousness. Eupsychia's philosophy is that healing ourselves and helping others is all one process. You can visit Eupsychia's website at

In addition to the above credentials, Debbie is also certified in Mind Body Integration, Integrative Energy Therapy, and Applied Kinesiology.


Debbie Jacobson is a certified Healing Touch Therapist trained by Debra Cowans, author of A Gift of Healing and is also a graduate of the Omaha School of Massage Therapy. Debbie is married with two grown children and lives in Blair, Nebraska.

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